Trucking Accidents

More serious and fatal than your typical automobile crash is that of the tractor-trailer. Often referred to as “Semi’s,” “Big Rig’s,” and “18 Wheelers,” these accidents require attention to detail and an investigation above and beyond the common car crash. While these vehicles are a major part of the supply network that keeps American businesses running smoothly, they are also extremely dangerous in the hands of a careless operator or company.

While most trucking accidents occur at high speeds on the highway, even low-speed impacts can have catastrophic results. The difference in size, freight, and weight between standard automobiles and these trucks is often a recipe for serious injury, if not death. Studies show that 85% of those killed in such accidents were the occupants of the smaller vehicle. After a trucking accident, it is important to act immediately to protect you and your loved ones involved.

Federal Guidelines and Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require tractor-trailers and commercial vehicles to retain certain information and to carefully document accidents involving their trucks. Therefore, investigators are often on the accident scene within hours, including both local law enforcement and representatives for the trucking company. It is imperative that you contact The Robinson Law Group immediately following the accident so that we can secure and examine all available information and, in certain circumstances, send an investigator out to the scene of the accident on your behalf.

While truck driver error is a common cause of accidents, there are other factors to consider. Unfortunately, business profits and cutting overhead costs can often take precedence over highway safety. Companies that take shortcuts can pose a serious risk to drivers sharing the road with these massive trucks. Examples include malfunctioning brakes, broken safety lights, improper inflation, low tread on tires, and drivers falling asleep at the wheel. We understand the complexity associated with these accidents, and The Robinson Law Group is dedicated to helping victims of truck driving negligence obtain justice.

Our firm has the financial resources to take on the biggest insurance companies with confidence. Our commitment to our clients is to assure that they are fairly compensated for their pain and suffering, unpaid medical expenses, future care, and lost wages. After your accident, the trucking company or insurance representatives may attempt to contact you and ask you to provide a recorded statement to minimize their liability. Do not discuss your accident with anyone before calling The Robinson Law Group for a FREE CONSULTATION. Dial 1-833-MAKE-THE-CALL (625-3843) so our team can help you evaluate your claim, deal with the insurance carrier, and protect your interests.



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